This is the page where I'll put my objection.lol cases.

Here's the git repo for my custom Objlol Assets. If you know how to use them, go ahead, I didn't make any of them.

Turnabout Mayas

Jake Marshall was shot and killed by a mysterious person, using a gun that shoots .22 rounds. In his
dying breath, he wrote down the name "Maya," which happens to also be the name of his girlfriend of 4 months,
Maya Chalder. Despite the fact that he owns a .22 handgun, which had Chalder's prints on it, Maya Fey was
convicted instead, since Phoenix owns a .22 hunting rifle, which had Maya's fingerprints on it, and could
have feasibly dealt the damage. What will it take to get Maya out of yet another predicament?

Candle-lit Turnabout - Defense

Adrian Andrews was in her hotel room, when she was killed using a heavy candlestick.

Autopsy Report:
Name: Adrian Andrews
Age: 25
Time of Death: April 26th, 2018, 5:30 PM
Cause of death: Blunt Force Trauma
Additional Notes: She fell unconscious immediately, and died 10-20 seconds later of bloodloss.

Gumshoe got pinned for it, since his prints were on the weapon, and now you've got to get him out of this.

Turnabout WetWater

This one's satire. This is probably the best memory I have with anybody who I still talk to, so I'm
finally putting it here. This happened mid to late March of 2022, and yet I'm only now posting it, on
September 25th later the same year. Water isn't wet btw.